22 FEB 2024  |  --> CLOSING ON: 22 MAY 2024  |  REWARD: INR 3,00,000
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22 MAY 2024

INR 3,00,000

We are seeking long-term and economical solutions for avoiding vegetation growth over external surfaces of buildings.

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Challenge Details

City infrastructure & utility companies are responsible for providing services such as upkeep of the building, and maintenance of several housing units. A typical city may consist of several thousands of housing units spread over 60+sq. km area. These units are up to 45 feet in height. The external surface of these buildings is either concrete or cement-sand plaster, lime-sand plaster, or surkhi-lime plaster.

Vegetation growth over the external face of these buildings has been a persistent problem. Most of the vegetation found are Pipal, Banyan, ferns, and algae. The effects of vegetation growth are listed below:

  1. Seepage in buildings resulting from the penetration of vegetation roots inside the structure walls.
  2. Structure damage: damage to columns, walls, beams, etc.
  3. Utility damage: Choking and damage to the soil pipe, water line, rainwater downcomer pipes, etc.
  4. Financial loss due to frequent repair and maintenance.
  5. Resident dissatisfaction due to reoccurrence of vegetation growth.
  6. Spoils the aesthetic view of the buildings.

Even after treatment using bleaching powder solution, solution of copper carbonate and liquid ammonia, etc., accompanied with external repair and & maintenance, there is a reoccurrence of vegetation growth after 3-5 months. Hence, we require a long-term and economical solution to check vegetation growth over external surfaces of buildings.

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