12 DEC 2023  |  --> CLOSING ON: 12 MAR 2024  |  REWARD: INR 2,50,000
Reward money is paid in exchange of legally acquiring the solution, implementing it to solve the problem and meeting the success criteria. Milestones for paying the reward money would depend upon the complexity of challenge and maturity of the proposed solution, which would be discussed with the solver as soon as the proposed solution is selected by us.

12 MAR 2024

INR 2,50,000

We seek solutions for the safe removal of beehives from residential and commercial places.

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Challenge Details

Beehives are seen in many residential and commercial buildings in India. Out of fear of bee stings and being oblivious of the ecosystem services provided by Bees, people have adopted crude practices of removing their hives by using fire torches, water cannons, and pesticides. Approximately 2 billion bees are estimated to be killed pan India every year. Better beehive management is necessary to avoid a pollinator crisis and subsequent threat to food security in India (Ref. https://www.fao.org/3/i9527en/i9527en.pdf ).

Several new techniques of Beehive removal have been tried out, including drones for spraying, thermal fogging, etc. However, the methods used were either not effective, or they are expensive, or there is a repeat occurrence of beehives at the same spot after a few days. Solutions are invited to repel Bees or remove Beehives without killing the Bees.

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